I’m Back

When I started this blog, I didn’t follow the rules for a successful blog. I didn’t narrow down my topic and I clearly don’t post regularly. I don’t inundate people with promoting my posts. I will probably never get rich off of this blog, but that wasn’t my intention when I started it. I started this to bless others and as a platform to share what I know and what I feel.  Sometimes, I need to take time to bless myself.

This past year, a combination of the “tyranny of the urgent” plus physical and mental fatigue have kept me from posting, even when my heart was nudged to share something.  I have cut back on some of my duties and have taken steps to strengthen my body. Slowly but surely I am being revived.  It’s taken a good deal of patience on my part. I’m hoping to now be able to share a little more often and would love to hear feedback from those who read what I write.


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