Road Rally for My Racine Peeps

This is a little game for the folks in Racine to alleviate their stay-at-home angst and boost their mental health status.  Please click on the Road Rally link below, PRINT this pdf and remember to NOT READ any pages beyond the first until you are parked at the starting spot and ready to begin.

#30 — It seems the violets might be at the end of their season.  They should be along either side of the street — one side is woodsy, the other side is someone’s yard.  If you can’t find violets, take a “woodsy” picture instead.

#56 — The closed road is no longer closed, (Probably neither is Jimmy John’s?)  but the clue still works.

#69 — The shutters at 2034 may ALSO have been changed for the season.  Just take a picture of the house to get the points for that one.

#77 — The flag tends to get twisted.  If you cannot see the letters, write down the colors of the flag.  1 bonus point if you get (or correctly GUESS) the letters.

COVID duration Road Rally


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