The Birth of a Blog

I’ve struggled for years with the decision whether to blog or not, wondering      a) if I had the TIME to do it,      b) how to categorize it – I didn’t want to limit my subject matter to one focused area as “How to Blog” articles suggest,      c) if I could handle the criticism,  but mostly      d) why I would be doing it.

I used to write articles for our home schooling newsletter, which I believe really ministered to that segment of society, however personal circumstances created a decade long writer’s block. My writing is a tool God has given me, but I need His inspiration for what and how to write.  I’m convinced He put that gift up on the shelf out of my reach for these past years because I had other areas I needed to resolve.  Just a couple of years ago, I got a few closely-placed signs that my writing might be called back into practice and suddenly the ideas started flowing again.  Still, I had to do some soul searching on the above questions.

Finding the time will resolve itself.  If I’m inspired, I will make the time to write.  Today, I think I’ve resolved the categorizing issue.  I am a dance-to-the-beat-of-my-own-drum kind of person – always have been.  Rules can be useful, but I’m not averse to breaking them.   The thought of dealing with criticism so publicly is still a bit daunting, but I trust I will grow thicker skin if need be.  But the real question I’ve been chewing on is “Why”.

What are the reasons I feel led to blog?  What makes me feel like the world needs to hear what runs through my mind?  Am I seeking self-gratification?  Honestly, I do love hearing when people like what I’ve written, but this is not a good reason to start littering people’s lives with words.   Yet another question – am I doing this in the hopes of making money from it?  Well, money is a good motivator.  Still, that’s the wrong motivator in this case.  What I’ve come to realize is that I’ve got things to share that I think can bless those who read it.  One day during a sermon, our pastor used the phrase “bless and build” and it went straight to my heart.  Thinking those words so succinctly summarized what I was hoping to do with my blog, I realized that I’d just been given the name I needed.  So that is my purpose – to bless my readers and to build them up with encouragement as they journey through life.

Our Family 2014

Our Family 2014

I will fight the little voice that keeps telling me it is arrogant to assume people will want to read what I think.  I will write as I am inspired and we’ll see if it falls into a neat categorical focus.  I will share ideas about womanhood, motherhood and sisterhood.  My life experiences have taken me down roads in parenting, creating, reading, cooking, event organizing,  and home schooling.  I have walked through years of depression, discovered beauty about life as a “messie”, struggled through learning to forgive, learned the value of relationships and found out about the different ways men and women think.  I have known the good, the bad and the ugly of perfectionism, legalism and fanaticism.  I have raised five sons who have in turn raised me to new levels of understanding and maturity.   I have walked with my husband through the challenges and rewards of a 30+ year marriage.  All these subjects will no doubt turn up in my writing.  I look forward to sharing with and hearing from my readers.  My hope is that we will mutually bless and build one another through our communication here.


10 thoughts on “The Birth of a Blog

  1. I loved you growing up before my eyes and showing me what MY “marcher to a different drummer” might be like. I will tell you this about writing. When I went to school to become a certified youth minister, we had to write on our favorite Bible passage and tell how we would use it in our youth ministry. Everyone else, was feverishly writing. I was exhausted from the day long lecture. I went and saw a movie. When I returned to camp, about midnight, I prayed to God for His words to help me thru this assignment, even though I hadn’t been a good girl. I went to bed. Woke up with a start at about 5 am. I swear my pen was moving by itself. It was a glorious feeling. God will lead you, as you know, for who or what is perfect. Love, Nancy


    • Yes, that’s pretty much how it works for me. I’ve learned if I am woken up with ideas running through my head, I better get up and write. If I go back to sleep, 9 out of 10 times the idea is lost.


  2. I am so proud of you Beth! I know our sister Lynn is smiling down from heaven at your latest adventure. I look foward to following your blog and wish you personal satisfaction from following your heart! YOU GO GIRL! Made this one of my favorites now. Love the name too! ❤


  3. Wow, somehow I just found this! SO excited for you, and proud of you for just going for it. BTW, if I don’t write right away too, I forget, even just a thought, question or sentence, p.s. Don’t write about how hard it was to share a bed/bedroom with your little sister! 😉


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