My Blog is Up Again

Old Folks + Technology = Comical

I’m so sorry to anybody who has tried to get to my blog these past few days. I was experiencing technical confusion. Not only was my blog inaccessible, but in trying to problem solve, I inadvertently deleted the first copy of my recent post along with all the nice “likes” I got so quickly. There were issues with my domain name, but I didn’t know about them because I had used my gmail account to register my name. That would be the very same gmail that I’ve periodically tried to get to for at least a year. So desperate was I that I even humbly admitted to my tech savvy sons that their old mom couldn’t find her inbox and needed help. They couldn’t come down to my level of inefficiency far enough to even understand how that problem could even exist. Well, today I conquered. I’ve both fixed the issues with my website AND I found my inbox ! (thereby being able to see the notifications about the problem) Unfortunately, I got so excited, I forgot to note how I got there.

Suffice it to say, my blog is up and running again.  The changes this year will bring SHOULD allow me the time to do more writing.  Please come and explore what I share. Invite friends and leave “likes” and comments. It’s very encouraging to me and it broadens my perspective to hear from you. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

~ Beth


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